Adobe + KaBOOM! Shirt Design

For the ninth year in a row, Adobe's Executive Vice President Matt Thompson teamed up with KaBOOM! to sponsor a playground build for a local community in need. I had the privilege of designing the event tee shirt, worn by 125 volunteers as they built a playground from the ground up. 

I started ideating in Adobe Photoshop Sketch, with the original intent of a chalk-drawing motif, then brought my sketch into Adobe Illustrator CC for the final artwork. After deciding that black was too heavy for this lighthearted event, I settled on my final design.

By the end of the day, Adobe, SAP, and community volunteers built a highly inclusive and accessible playground with over 25 play events, including 3 slides, a cozy cocoon, swings, and climbing walls.

Play matters. Visit to learn more about their mission and see how you can get involved. Visit Adobe's Corporate Responsibility page for information about our other efforts toward positive change worldwide.

Big thank yous to Brian Yap and Bing Han for the opportunity!
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